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关于 tuple 的读音



I used to pronounce it toople. But the people that taught me Python found it both comical and confusing. At first they thought I meant a 2 element tuple. So they wondered if a 3 element tuple was a threeple, etc. After much harrassing, I changed my wayward ways and pronounced it tuhple to fit in with the cool Python guys. ;-) Then we went to hear Guido speak about Python 2.2 at a ZPUG meeting in Washington, DC. When he said toople I almost fell out of my chair laughing, particularly because the people who taught me to say it the “right” way were with me. When I looked over, they just hung their head in shame. I work with Guido now and I’m conflicted. I’m still conditioned to say tuhple. Whenever he says toople, I just get a smile on my face. I think most of the PythonLabs guys pronounce it toople.


我一直习惯把这个词读成/tʌpəl/,估计是受tunnel这个词的影响,然后查了下 发现/tuːpəl/和/tʌpəl/都可以